Three Exciting Announcements

January 11, 2010 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

Well, I've been hustling and it's starting to pay off! And I have a feeling this is only the beginning (cue backup singers). I have a few more exciting announcements on the way, and a few more projects to tell everyone about, but let me fill you in on three exciting new opportunities on my plate and ways you can get involved, give me feedback, and get engaged with my projects.

1) NOLAlicious. This is a collaboration project with Taylor Davidson and Carl Nelson. NOLAlicious is our take on New Orleans through the eye of a tourist and the emerging soul of a native.

NOLAlicious is a weekly newsletter that we've created to highlight upcoming events around town. Carl, Taylor and I all spoke on the same panel at TribeCon and at the time, I turned to them, my fellow digital-nomads-in-crime and we talked about what it would be like if we were all here, in New Orleans, in person together. Tired from our travels and reveling in the comraderie of experiencing this city together, we realized that intellectual curiousity came hand over fist in New Orleans and that could, quite possible, satiate our wanderlust. We would have each other and this amazing city and new friends and new experiences.

When we all did in fact land here by year's end, we wanted to capture those experiences and share them. We wanted to force ourselves to continue to see New Orleans with a fresh perspective even after the initial newness wore off. NOLAlicious was born.

Sign up NOW to receive the very first newsletter which goes out tomorrow. And if you have tips, please send them over to me at

Other ways to connect? Our tumblr features photographs from around town, we have a Twitter @NOLAliciousness and a Facebook Fan page HERE.

2) Social Entrepreneurship monthly segment on LPTV. Launch Pad NOLA is the coworking space here in New Orleans and LPTV is their weekly webshow that focuses on all-things-entrepreneurial in the New Orleans community. I was a guest on last season's show talking about The Causemopolitan and my (at the time upcoming) Kiva Fellowship in the Philippines. Chris Schultz and Benjamin Reece are the hosts and when they started talking about the upcoming season 2 of the show and taking the content to the next level, I pitched them on a social entrepreneurship segment. After all, tapping into that community is a huge reason of why I am in New Orleans and if there is one thing I've learned from friends like Andrew Warner, you can get introduced to some pretty amazing people when you ask to interview them. They loved it!

Other features on LPTV this season include the a tech segment by New Orleans Tech's Chris Boudy, a software segment by Barrett Conrad (Founder of GNO Code) and the one and only Andrew Larimer for his weekly On The Lam.

LPTV is every Friday from 4-4:30pm CST LIVE on LiveStream (and posted afterwards on their website for you to see). My featured segment will be (at this point) the last Friday of every month and I will be creating a few different types of segments including interviewing social entrepreneurs in the New Orleans area, providing tips on how to build a social impact in your business and other valuable resources and tips. Have suggestions for WHO I should interview, please contact me!

3) FSC Interactive Partnership. Third, but most certainly not least, I have an exciting partnership to announce. I have been contracted out by FSC Interactive, an online marketing consultancy based in New Orleans to do high-level strategy work for one of their new clients. My project with them includes creating a social media and social monitoring campaign for a large healthcare provider from ideation through implementation. The campaign is dynamic and complex and really an awesome opportunity to work with the rockstar team created by founder, McKenzie Coco that includes Tiffany Starnes, Adele Tiblier and Andy Kutcher.

The women of FSC Interactive are ambitious, savvy, creative, thoughtful and beautiful (inside and out). I'm privileged to be able to join their team for this campaign. If you're looking to secure an agency for social media, social marketing, SEO, website optimization, online strategy analysis or anything in between, I highly recommend their services and you can feel free to contact them through me or through this form on their website.

Well there you have it! Exciting stuff. I am available for other contract work (stay tuned for an upcoming blog post, section on this site and separate consulting site outlining all of my services) and so couldn't be more excited about these next steps in my personal and professional career.

Every day I think about ways I can contribute to the New Orleans community and continue the community building that I have long been passionate about. I think these three announcements fit very well together and I couldn't be more excited that this is the way I'm kicking off 2010.

Cause you only live once, Sloane

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