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War On Malaria And Why You Should Care

September 23, 2009 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

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There are so many causes out there. How do you pick one to care about? And if you start to care, how can you get involved? How can you feel like you're actually contributing to solving a problem? Those are big questions and something I've more or less now dedicated my life to helping you answer. So stay tuned and I'll have many more posts about HOW to care, WHY you should and WHAT you can do.

But for today, and through Cause It's My Birthday, let's focus on a crisis I'm passionate about, malaria. The developed world knows less about malaria than the developing world merely because malaria is not a problem here in the United States. Part of what I'm really enjoying about dedicating my birthday to this cause is learning all about it, the players involved in making an impact in the global arena.

A big thank you to Netting Nations, the nonprofit organization that Cause It's My Birthday has partnered with. They have made terrific introductions and enabled me to really dig into this cause and personalize it and make it something I want to fight for.

I want YOU to join me in this fight. Please watch the video above and below and let the information sink in. We'll start slow, I don't want to overwhelm with facts and statistics, because frankly, that's when causes start to feel like "THE WORLD IS ENDING AND WE'RE DOOMED." And I don't want that . Not from you now, or ever. Let's focus on the good. The good is you're HERE, you're engaged, you think I have SOMETHING of interest to say and so please - trust me. **Malaria is an issue we need to care about.

Start there. And the rest will start to fall into place.

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Humans are at war with malaria, and malaria is winning, killing one child every 30 seconds. That’s 3,000 children every day! Malaria has killed more people than all wars combined. Netting Nations believes that shelter is a fundamental human right, and that everyone deserves a net, and a chance at life. This war can and must be won.

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