Why Community Matters

October 02, 2009 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

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Are you going to TribeCon 2009? If you're into community, meeting awesome people, learning how technology can actually bring us all together all in conjunction with the Voodoo Experience, then come to New Orleans this Halloween weekend.

I'll be speaking on a panel with Taylor Davidson and Shannon Lane about how to use online and offline to benefit you professionally and personally. We're also going to talk about being "digital nomads" and what that means, and how we use the social web.

Other speakers include: Tara Hunt Micah Baldwin Eric Marcoullier Tom Martin Brian Oberkirch Ted Rheingold

TribeCon asked me to do a video about Why Community Matters to me and the video above is my response. I have a special discount code for registration - if you're interested - email me and I'll pass it along!

Hope to see you in New Orleans!