What's a Kiva Mass Journal?

Ahon sa Hirap, Inc. -- To Rise Up From Poverty

I might not be a Kiva Fellow anymore, but I still have lots of good information to share with you about Kiva, microfinance and how you, the engaged reader and Kiva Lender (well I hope Kiva Lender!) can make the most from your Kiva experience.

Later today, I’ll be posting my Kiva Mass Journal for Ahon sa Hirap, Inc. (also known as ASHI). First, I wanted to tell everyone what a mass journal is. I included this on my workplan, which I wrote about while I was in the Philippines in the post, My ASHI-Kiva Fellows Workplan.

Mass Journal

Actual: Write a journal entry that can be sent to all lenders of your MFI.

Translation: This goes not just to one set of lenders, but anyone who has made a loan through ASHI. One is expected per placement.

Many of the Kiva Fellows wrote about their experiences in the field, interviewing borrowers and writing journals and updates. My perspective isn’t so different from theirs. But it’s my take on the experience and I wanted my mass journal to really speak not just to the power of Ahon sa Hirap, Inc. in the Philippines but to the power of microfinance.

The mass journal goes to most lenders email inbox, which means this is how they can engage with the microfinance institution. I was so proud of my journal update that I read a part of it out loud at my going-away dinner where the ASHI Board of Directors was present. I look forward to your thoughts on the journal when it’s posted this afternoon.

Always Your Kiva Girl, Sloane

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