What You Can Do To Help Cause It's My Birthday

Birthday Boys!Hello there friends, followers and fellow birthday celebrants. The time is almost here, it’s almost birthday kickoff and man are Doug Campbell and I excited. **Not only did we enlist the fiercest host committee teams and cause advisory and PR power-brokers to help us put the pieces of this campaign together in three weeks, but we got insane venues and sponsored drinks and fun auction items and WHEW - it’s all just so much excitement for one birthday girl to handle! ** A bunch of you have asked how you can help - _uhm, how about a ride to/from the airport? _

But aside from that - there are some really valuable, appreciated and action-oriented steps you can take to help the Cause It’s My Birthday campaign be a big success. Remember 100% of donations go towards malaria nets and each net is $5. Remember that bit when you’re helping with the steps below because that’s real. That’s the difference between having a bed net to protect you from mosquitoes at night or not. The birthday parties are fun and great networking, but don’t for a minute think I’m not really talking about what’s most important, saving lives. Ok off we go.

1) Live in New York City, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco, or Los Angeles? Buy your ticket (and help your city in the CITY COMPETITION for first place) and come join us for the fun! The parties are going to bring together different industries of people with different backgrounds, long lost friends and perfect someone’s. Each city is bringing some of their local flavor to the mix so get ready, buy your ticket now and mark your calendar.

2) Invite 10 friends. Seriously. We want you to bring your friends and have fun and participate in this 7-city campaign. Make a night of it!

3) DONATE! Don’t live in one of those cities or can’t make the one in the city you live? Make a donation! $5, $100 or $1,000 - your donation counts. If every person reading this just gave $5…the act of giving will bring you good (FILL IN THE BLANK) karma. Remember that.

4) Spread the word. Join the Facebook group. RSVP for the party in your city. Write on the wall. Engage. Twitter that you’re coming to a party or made a donation. Do you know how much your friends value the things you do, the places you go, the thing you buy? Well they do. And if you say this is a cause you believe in (and believe you me, thank you from the bottom of my heart) then people will want to join you in that effort. These parties aren’t just about Doug and I. Never were. It’s about a BIRTHDAY for social change, so get excited, get involved and spread the word!

The Twitter account is @causeitsmybday and the hashtag to follow is #fightmalaria.

5)** Is it YOUR birthday during our birthday week?** We’re enlisting BIRTHDAY BUDDIES! Join hands and we can all sing together. Let us know if you want to have your birthday with ours - the more the merrier.

6) BLOG about the campaign. ASK your friends to blog about the campaign. Talk about the city you’re in, what you think is cool about the campaign or a birthday that was special to you. Cause It’s My Birthday could be Cause It’s Your Birthday - we’re building our army and want you on board. Send me the link to your post to sloane (at) thecausemopolitan (dot) com,

Thank you everyone. Can’t wait to meet many of you starting SATURDAY NIGHT at Cornerstone Tavern in NYC on 51st and 2nd starting at 9pm.

Cause Counting Down in 3-2-1, Sloane

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