Vegas, New York, Pittsburgh, New Orleans - An Update on My Schedule

A little housekeeping. First, I’ve finally updated my SCHEDULE in the upper navigation to show the most recent set of travel and what is upcoming. The piece that is NOT in there but I want to do is exactly which villages I was in while in the Philippines and my journal with those notes is in Pittsburgh so next time I’m back there (hometown for those of you new to my blog and my temporary home base and mailing address to accompany my nomadic lifestyle) I’ll add those barangays and villages in.

What you will notice is that I hit the U.S. running. This could be good, it could be bad, mostly it just IS. Which means life has a way of taking hold and the Cause It’s My Birthday campaign wasn’t going to plan itself, and we had only three weeks to pull everything together so all things considered I don’t regret the lack of sleep or long days leading into the campaign and then, well, the long days and long nights of the campaign itself. All in all, if you have to be out of the country for a few months at a time and miss everyone and want to make a splash - throw a 7 city, 7 day, 7 party tour. I think that outta do it.

So the question burning on everyone’s mind is what’s next? Well, I can’t tell you everything (because a lot I don’t know not because I’m being secretive…or am I…) but I can tell you what’s up right now, where I just was and where I’m going and what I’m doing in those places.

If you’re IN any of the cities I’ll be in PLEASE connect with me. If you know anyone in those cities I should meet, send me an email and let me know. I’m doing a few speaking and lecture gigs and if this is a fit for your business or school, reach out about that too.

So here we go:

October 2009

3 – New York City (kickoff of Cause It’s My Birthday party #1) 4 – Miami (party #2) 5 – New Orleans (party #3) 6 – Chicago (party #4) 7 – Seattle (party #5) 8 – San Francisco (party #6) 9 – Los Angeles (party #7)

This You Knew.

10-14 – Los Angeles. See friends. Attend a wedding. Meetings. Rest & relaxation (best I can anyway) 14-18 – Las Vegas for Blog World Expo 2009. #bwe09 FTW! Geeks! Shenanigans! Yeah! In all seriousness, thank you to the Social Media Group (and eBay/PayPal for providing me the opportunity to attend BlogWorld as part of their What Gives and Name Your Cause launch. It was an amazing opportunity).

18-24 – New York City It Gets Exciting…

If you know of any events, networking opportunities, or not to miss things, let me know. I’m up for it all.

Then I’ll head to Pittsburgh for a few days to recoup. Basically I have to repack suitcases. My current suitcase has 7 party dresses, 2 pairs of high heels (and I mean high, not like walking around shoes), jeans, two t-shirts and sweatpants. And I few others things shoved in (like my favorite gift ever a portable steamer) and books from my Zappos Tour while in Vegas for Blog World. What I’m saying is my suitcase is crap and I need to repack for HALLOWEEN in New Orleans and TribeCon (of course).

So then…New Orleans around 10/27 for TribeCon/Voodoo Experience. And then back to Pittsburgh for what I hope to be all of November. I’ll be writing about this more, but my intention is to decompress. Go to my mom’s cabin at Hidden Valley and put the next pieces together.

Because if you can’t tell from this post, once I get going, it’s hard to stop. And I do want to stop. And settle. And put roots somewhere. So I have to focus on that and make it happen. To do that, I need a little me time in the woods.

There it is. I feel like it will be the holidays before you know it and then 2010 and then another year starts. I’ll keep sharing the pieces of my puzzle as they come together, promise. And if you have ideas for me (my friend Stephanie suggested an online bidding campaign where cities could vote on where I’d live, I’m not THAT willing to give my life over to the web…but you get the idea).

Until next time.

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