The Mother's Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

Thank you to everyone who tuned into last night’s Vokle live chat with Stacey Monk, Jen Consalvo and Susan McPherson to talk about To Mama With Love, Epic Change and nonprofit fundraising online. From my post yesterday, Give Your Mom The Gift Of Giving Back: ToMamaWithLove.Org I heard so much from people how much they loved this campaign, which was also apparent last night. The chat made the homepage of Vokle and we had a robust conversation not only about this campaign and others we had been a part of, but the larger issues at hand within social media around fundraising and doing good.

I wanted to give a list of tweets that have been sent out with #ToMamaWithLove to show the support the campaign has been getting. If you haven’t yet, please make a donation to YOUR mom, build a heartspace (I DID), and retweet one of the messages below.

To all those mom’s out there, thank you.

RT @romioliverio Txs! Saving it for mother’s day present. Moved to tears by this massive wave of love #ToMamaWithLove is creating.

RT @momsdaily: mothers day is right around the corner, do something special for your mom, #tomamawithlove

RT @josephdee: There’s a new movement. Love. We’ll complete what the peace movement started. Awesome:


RT @eunice_gerald: I love my mom because she love me. #Tomamawithlove. (one of the twitterkids of tz)

RT @phineas_peter: Happy Mothers Day @MamaLucy#ToMamaWithLove (one of the twitterkids of tz)

RT @christuttle: I luv my Mama b/c she’d luv this tweet raised $ for good! Share your love & tweet to help:

RT @LisaSaline: i luv my Mama b/c she has the biggest ears and softest shoulders around. Happy mother’s day: #ToMamaWithLove

RT @christuttle: See How Much I Love My Mama! Enough To Change The World #tomamawithlove

RT @ehon: Finally created a heartspace for my mum this Mother’s Day. #ToMamaWithLove

RT @1800flowers: We luv all Mamas b/c they’re always there for us! Share your love this Mother’s Day:


RT @BonnieKoenig: For Mother’s Day to honor your mother & mothers everywhere go NOW to via @StaceyMonk & @EpicChange

RT @dougsky: Great thoughts on #ToMamaWithLove webcast tonight @Ehon. You never, ever cease to inspire me and take my brain to new places.

RT @Alucas9: 5 Mother’s Day Gifts We Spend Billions On


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