The Fight Against Malaria Press for Cause It's My Birthday!


If I had a quarter for every time someone said “Three weeks isn’t long enough to plan this campaign” I’d have enough money to pay for all of Doug and my plane tickets. Here’s the deal. Idea was hatched in June. I recruited Doug but was headed to the Philippines for the summer. End of summer I was headed to Burma, him to Burning Man and we promised to work through the weekend following (September 11-13) to get the website done and launch the project.

Cause It’s My Birthday went from idea to something real and tangible that by god we were actually going to do to celebrate our 30th birthdays!

Well that was difficult with jetlag and re-entry to society. But we powered through. We got hosts. We secured venues. We started to work on sponsorship and then press. We’ve pushed all the buttons, we’ve put in the hours, we’re watching the wheels in motion and here we are. ** Day 3 of the campaign starts today.**

We wanted to reach out for press to help spread the word about the campaign because we really believe in inspiring people and using birthdays as a platform for social change. But we’re not experts. We’re just two crazy kids on a mission. And yet, one of the first things I have to share about event planning 101 is reach out to people you know and ask them to help spread the word. We did that and wanted to give a HUGE shout out to everyone below for helping promote our malaria birthday campaign. (If I left you out, apologies, leave your URL in the comments)!

Press for Cause It’s My Birthday now Includes:

Want to help us keep the momentum going? Here are 6 ways to help. Everything you do to help spread the word about this campaign is a huge help to us to keep on posting blog posts (leave the URL in the comments so we can say thanks!) and keep telling your friends.

The burn is on, so excited to keep sharing exciting updates with you this week!

Cause-a-cause-a-cause-ameleon, Sloane

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