The Cause-Filled Life: A Socialbrite Video

I’m usually don’t like watching myself on video. It’s hard to watch! I want to critique every little thing. JD Lasica filled the video you see above after my panel on building community using Los Angeles as a case study at this year’s SXSW. This is maybe one of the first videos of myself that I actually like. It’s how I think I sound when I talk to people about what I’m passionate about, what I’m up to, where I see social media’s role in the nonprofit and cause-marketing industries. I would have thought I’d be more frazzled - this is afterall moments after my panel ended - but actually I was completely at ease. JD was a great interviewer and so it felt like I imagine the good interviews feel like - conversations.

I hope you enjoy it! And while Socialbrite is in stealth mode still, it’s on the up & up! Check it out!

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