The BakitWhy Interview


When I found out from Kiva that I had been placed in the Philippines with Ahon sa Hirap, Inc. (ASHI), I thought about who I might know or be able to find within my network that was Filipino. I didn’t have to think very hard to remember Jeremiah Abraham, the Founder of, a social network for Pilipino-Americans and about Pilipino culture.

Jeremiah is a graduate of USC’s Masters in Online Communities headed by the incredibleDr. Karen North. We had the privilege to be connected first through Karen and then I got to know him better through his involvement with my favorite Southern California entrepreneurial and tech community event, Twiistup where he serves as Coordinator.

Jeremiah also introduced me to Rachel Wagoner and Chris Guitarte, two more fabulous Pilipino-Americans, APOC students and overall go-getters that I hired as interns last summer at the startup where I was Director of Business Development.

Reaching out to Jeremiah, I immediately saw an opportunity to not only bring together the BakitWhy and Kiva communities but also help educate the BakitWhy community about microfinance happening in their home country and what they could do to help.

Kiva’s President Premal Shah, talks about the “stickiness” of Kiva. If you look at it in terms of not giving the poor a “hand out” but a “hand up” how could you not want to get involved.

Check out this interview I did with BakitWhy talking about Kiva, the Philippines, what I’m looking forward to most while I’m here and what’s next. Fellow Sloane Berrent and Cause Based Microlending in the Philippines.

I’ve also included a little bit about my fundraising philosophy and shout-outs to what I call my “signature nonprofits” meaning those I dedicate the majority of my energy to: Step Up Women’s Network, Heal the Bay, The Echo Theater Company and a special shout out to New Orleans, Louisiana and what everyone can do to help with the continuing rebuilding efforts in the Crescent City, especially with 9th Ward Field of Dreams.

I hope you enjoy the interview!

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