Thank You Cause It's My Birthday New Donors!

Baby in Africa

What an incredible ride! In the last 3 days our total donations have almost doubled from $3,500 to $6,850. In that amount of time 101 more people have made donations. The range of the amount of donations is still the same spread with people starting at $5 and the biggest donations coming in at $500 (the purchase of 2 $250 level tickets - the village package).

Have YOU made your donation yet? Remember even if you can’t attend one of the 7 parties, your donations are still welcome. And if you DO live in one of the 7 cities (New York City, Miami, New Orleans, Chicago, Seattle, San Francisco & Los Angeles) or have an emotional attachment to one of them, you can make a donation TOWARDS that city’s total. The city competition is heating up - in the last 2 day ALL 7 cities have seen big jumps in donations.

So donate today at Cause It’s My Birthday. To make it easy for you, there is also a PayPal widget on the right side of my blog. Look over, near the top - see it? Ok good. You can donate there too.

Want to know what else we need? Read this post for 6 ways how.

So a big thank you to the people below who have made a donation in the last 3 days!

  1. Varian David, 103. Rafiq Manji, 104. Jason Toney, 105. Styliani Kafka, 106. Norman Rabinovich, 107. Benjamin Wecht, 108. Krystel Ariel, 108. Dave Mathews, 109. Monica Anchin, 110. Ryan Robertson, 11. Elise Lammers, 112. Cathy Brooks, 113. Voodoo Ventures, LLC, 114. $4000 IS BROKEN BY SHEILA DOS SANTOS, 115. Octavio Ramirez, 116. Marc Vermut, 117. Robert Fogarty, 118. Ryan McCormack, 119. Anna McDonnell, 120. Thomas Wilkinson, 121. Lisa Newton, 122. Insideout Legal Limited, 123. Susan Wallerstein, 124. Tom Dean, 125. Michael Broxton, 126. Guillermo Rodriguez, 127. Addie King, 128. Ann Berkins, 129. Kendra Rowland, 130. Wedding & Event Photography by Katie, 140. Ethan Hurdus, 141. Melanie Spain, 142. Margaret Worel, 143. Thomas Sherman, 144. Ronny Bagdadi, 145. Tejal Ajmera, 146. Subir Das, 147. Heather Brubaker, 148. Jennifer Farris, 149. Heather Brubaker, 150. James Osgood, 151. Meghan Murphy, 152. Gerard Ramos, 153. Brian S, 154. $5000 IS BROKEN BY KRISTINA KLAUSSER, 155. Shou Chu Sui, 156. Pedram Sameni, 157. Damien Clark/Feedwire, 158. Stina Tunander, 159. Indhushree Rajan, 160. Christian Burck, 170. Courtney Sutherby, 180. Joann Peach, 181. Bart Haney, 182. McKenzie Coco, 183. David Heap, 184. Mark Baker, 185. Lindsay Hilton, 186. Nicole Cohen-Henriquez, 187. Levi F., 188. Lisa Borodkin, 189. M Schwarzenbach, 190. Rynda Laurel, 191. Peter Cleary, 192. Andrew Loizeaux, 193. Pamela Notarantonio, 194. Elite Communications LLC, 195. Leyah Jensen, 196. Raymond Barrios, 197. $6000 BROKEN BY SEAN GRAY, 198. Michael Chakardjian, 199. Matthew Lydecker, 200. Brian Auld, 201. Jospeh Annuzzi
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