TGIF Video: The Girl Effect

Welcome to the second TGIF Video! There are so many amazing motivational and inspiring videos, it’s hard to choose. I want there to be a “call to action.” A way you can get involved. I’ll try to show a wide variety of videos until I get the hang of exactly the best way to get everyone up and moving! Until then…

It’s fun sometimes to not have all the answers.

Back to regularly scheduled programming, I present The Girl Effect:

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Curious about “WHY GIRLS?” Here is their response:

Because when adolescent girls in the developing world have a chance, they can be the most powerful force of change for themselves, their families, communities and nations.

But while those 600 million girls are the most likely agents of change, they are invisible to their societies and the world.

I really believe in the power of fostering our girls - around the world - and giving them education and the tools to make a difference in their societies. Studies prove that women, as the primary decision-makers in their households, hold the buying power for what food they feed their family, how their children are educated, the level of medical care and treatment their family receives and where they live. It’s women who hold the keys to change and that all starts with one girl at a time.

To learn and do more, head over to The Girl Effect

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