TGIF Video: Entrepreneurs Can Change the World

I got chills when I watched this video for the first time. Something about the idea of hope, the idea that we all can make a difference in the world, and that we can all do it by helping each other. What an awesome concept. Today’s TGIF Video was made by Grasshopper - which is not a nonprofit. Nope. They are a phone-service that recently rebranded, changed their name and kept their mission simple, “We’re Entrepreneurs Serving Entrepreneurs.” Good for them. Way to put out a viral video that means something and has the ability to stick with people.

This concept of helping entrepreneurs might sound like something else I’ve been talking about a bunch recently…Kiva, right? Or for that matter Accion, Wokai, Ashoka, Grameen, - even Etsy or now Elevyn. These are all methods of us helping each other by supporting entrepreneurship. Which by all definitions is someone taking charge of their life, taking the “bull by the horns,” and working to do better by themselves and for their families.

The quantifiable metrics of these methods, and more ways to incorporate them into the everyday lives of every man, woman and child - well that is part of the mission I’ve embarked on. I am immersed in this thinking of if we all could help each other just a little bit more every day, what would the world look like?

I believe, as Grasshopper does, that it all starts with entrepreneurship. Do you agree?

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