Redesign Is Live!

Computer Calls_You know that HUGE bucket list of things you want to do, want to get to, want to overcome?_ It’s hard right? To know where to start. Where to begin. Well, in an attempt to “start small, start anywhere” (by the way also my philosophy on getting involved in cause) the first step was putting a simple landing page up at my namesake URL, Sloane That was breaking the seal, so to speak.

I had the URL but nothing there. Which means no search engines pick it up. Which means no SEO. Which means I know enough about the web to know that I should DO something about this, but fairly overwhelmed to push the GO button.

In come my friends. Brett Petersel redesigned his site and I loved it. Clean and simple and in essence all I need for right now. (*Note current site isn’t up, that man changes his homepage more than some people change socks). Do I want like a whole Zadi Diaz or Shira Lazar site, two rocking women I admire? Sure. Who wouldn’t. But with my current resources and desire to really just have something up there, I thought simple was the way to go.

So you know what I do? I call Brett. And ask if I can use code like his for my site. You know what he does? He sends me his code. I mean what a good friend (and single ladies, an awesome NYC single guy who told me I could auction a date off for him for charity so get in line). Next, Mike Prasad said he would host the site for me. In swoops Jeff Henderson, another one of my dear friends that I just can’t speak highly enough of. Like how did I get so lucky with my amazing boys in tech? Jeff is a whiz at all-things-web and agrees to put the site up for me. I make some minor tweaks to how I see the layout, send over my content and links and online homes and VOILA! **New website up. **

What took the longest time was me. Was me putting together content. This is the lesson. When you’re ready and have the pieces together things can happen quickly. The biggest hold up is us. Fascinating, right?

What did I learn from this experiment?

1) Just do it. Seriously. I can redo the site later, but it’s up and live and I’m happy.

2) Ask your friends for help. Brett, Mike and Jeff are just three of my many friends who will go out of their way to do things for me…and in turn I will for them. It’s a game of who can connect, extend and help each other more in my tech-connected circle and once you get THAT, the helping of others piece, the social web becomes a much more humanized and amazing place to be.

3) Say thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. Can’t say it enough. I am not an island. I’m just a girl trying to make my place in the world. Thank you to my friends for helping make me a better person and in this case, helping me with part 1 (of like 1,000) in my next steps of personal branding online.

If you looking for help with marketing, product or services, look at Jeff’s company, Adept Marketing Concepts and tell him I sent you.

And if you’re reading this and thinking of that ONE thing that’s been on your mind and bucket list to-do forever. Hey, maybe today’s your day? Why not?

Last, check out Sloane - what do you think? Feedback welcomed and appreciated.

***Of course The Causemopolitan would not be possible, hence this post about or any other entity I do without the wonderfulness of Jonathan Dingman, my web master and very dear friend. Jonathan’s schedule books up fast, but definitely if you need wordpress, blog or SEO help, go to Fireside Media and contact Jonathan and tell him I sent you.

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