Shercole King's Birthday Wish

Today’s birthday interview is bringing it home to New Orleans where I’m interviewing Shercole King, an all-around woman about town with a bunch of cool projects under her belt including GoodNOLA, Minority Weirdos and New Orleans Tech. I had the chance to catch up with Shercole and her birthday campaign to benefit the New Orleans Women’s Shelter. What I like most about Shercole’s campaign is that this was her first time and while the bar wasn’t set too high, she was really thoughtful about how to engage her friends and community. This interview really shows, to me, that our birthdays can be anything we want them to be if we just put it out there in the Universe.

Here we go, big thanks to Shercole for participating in the birthday interviews.

1) Tell me about your birthday and fundraising campaign. When was your birthday? Was it a milestone? What was your inspiration? What nonprofit did you partner with? Did you tell them in advance? What was your fundraising goal (if you had one) and did you reach it?

My birthday was December 4th. Not really a milestone, I made 27. My inspiration was the fact that I have everything I want and need for the most part and I just wanted to help others. I felt this was a great way to do it. The nonprofit I partnered with was New Orleans Women’s Shelter. No, I didn’t tell them in advance just went on a spur and started it up. My fundraising goals was just $270. I reached my goals, I actually exceeded I was excited. In the end I made it to $320.

2) Did you use online tools? Did you have a birthday party in person? What was your way to connect with people and tell them about this?

Yes, I used online tools. I used Facebook Causes, my Facebook profile, and my twitter accounts. No, didn’t have a birthday party. I mainly connected with my friends via social networking encouraging them to help out with this cause.

3) What have you done for past birthdays?

Past birthdays, I haven’t done much. This was my first birthday doing a fundraising cause.

4) Would you do a fundraiser for your birthday again? Was it easier or harder than you thought it would be?

Yes, I would definitely do another fundraiser. It was truly easier than I thought.

5) What was the best part? Did you connect with someone you had lost contact with? Any one story you’d like to share?

I exceeded my goals. I was shocked and excited! I wasn’t sure I would even meet my goals in the beginning. The best part is knowing my small contribution is going to help women in my area create a better life. Yes, I actually connected with friends from high school I haven’t talk to in forever through my cause.

The greatest thing about this because of me doing a birthday cause, two other friends started one for projects they believe in. I was truly touched by that and excited to see individuals help fund and bring awareness to projects they are passionate about.

6) What advice would you give to someone else who wanted to throw a fundraiser but didn’t know where to start?

If you set a goal anything is possible. People want to help and contribute, just a lot of times they don’t know how. Set an example and not only get individuals to donate money bring awareness to a cause which is one of the most important things. Use your social media tools and reach individuals you never expected to actually donate!

Another fundraising campaign I’m truly proud of was Making Strides Against Breast Cancer in October, which I raised $250 dollars from. My goal was $100. I used the Making Strides fundraising tools, as well as Facebook, Twitter, and my websites to get donations. My whole team, Nola Darlings (Champ Superstar, Sheri, Kyna, Kimberly, Karen, and Darayell) had a goal of $500 and we achieved $850.

Amazing! Thanks again. Stay tuned for more birthday interviews all week, and as always your feedback on (birthday) fundraising campaigns or others that you’ve done, give me a shout out and tell me about them!

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