Runner's Adrenaline

Does running make you high? What do you think about when you run? Usually, for me, it’s the greatest endorphin and adrenaline high. I get thinking, creative, have big juicy ideas and in general feel any clouds lifting from my shoulders and feel like I’m back in charge. Back in control.

So yesterday when I went running, and found myself conflicted, I had to wonder why. And it was because I was thinking about the oil spill, thinking about what I could do, more ways that I could give back now that Gulf Coast Benefits has wrapped (and we successfully raised just under $50,000 for Gulf Restoration Network).

My friend Jolie worries that people are burning out on the topic, Citizen Effect is creating a platform where we can participate in ways to keep the topic current and on Monday (as I mentioned in my post yesterday) Pepsi’s Refresh Everything projects launches a special Gulf Coast edition giving out $1.3 million in loans.

I ran along the Mississippi (listening to Obama’s Hope speech as a DJ-mashup) and thought to myself, “I love New Orleans and American too much not to keep fighting and pushing forward in the name of humanity, of cause-filled living and of helping people.”

And so I shared those thoughts, raw and unedited, while they were fresh from my mid-day run.

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