Postcard Coming Your Way!


A special thank you to the 28 people below who donated $100 or more to my Kiva Fellowship Fund! As a special incentive, yes I did promise to send each and every one of you a postcard. I’ve been thinking of cool ways to do it, and I think what I really want to do is take a picture of me where I am when I’m writing it or where I am to send it and post it here or in Flickr and you can do the same when you receive it so it closes the circle!

Thank you so much to everyone. Your donations and step above and beyond is what helped me reach my goal in just 30 days!

Names: Addie King Barbara Mistick Callie Miller Chris Schultz Christopher Dennis DJ Whelan Georgiana and William Knaus Jeff Henderson John Case John Trovato Johnson & Johnson Joseph Christian Gammill Joseph Sabino Mistick KW Low Mary Anne and Bill Mistick McKenzie Coco Micky Krimmel Mike Macadaan Nicky Perlman Nicole Jordan Paige Craig Rafiq Manji Rob Moss Ronan Reodica Scott Meldrum Steven Banfield Tim Mahoney Tim Soslow

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