New York City Cause It's My Birthday Pictures

What a kickoff! The Cause It’s My Birthday New York City bash was a huge success. Highlights include raising over $1,000 towards our malaria net fund and as you can see from the pictures, a jolly good time had by all.

_*You can still make contributions towards the NYC final through the invitation. Just saying.* _ From the crowd, I would say I knew 1/4, Doug knew 1/2 and the other 1/4 were randoms. It was a glorious mix of people and watching friend groups interact and get to know each other was fantastic. The comment I heard the most, “I love this idea!” and the second most heard idea “Are you guys going to be like dead by the end?”

(It is 4AM the night after Miami that I’m getting you these pictures, so the comments about making it through 7 days are suddenly very valid)!

But Doug and I get our energy from the crowd, from the people, from the excitement. Ok I get a little excitement from my 7 dresses (thrift store finds grand total of less than $50).

What do I tell people in person? “You can read all about malaria online, we have fliers here and an actual malaria net. But have fun, meet a few new people, feel good about your donation and then when this is over, if you want to learn more about malaria nets or prevention, you online and check it out.”

These parties are meant to be that - PARTIES - yes for a cause - but not to bog you down with astounding facts and figures. The photos show that. A great time had by all to ring in Doug’s official 30th birthday. Thank to you friends old and new. Catch you next time!

Cause I Wanna Party Like It’s My Birthday, Sloane

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