Los Angeles Video Update

Ok, first of all, let me say that everything starts to fall apart around the 5:27 mark in this video. Then I’d like to say that Doug was totally against posting this video because he says we’re too cracked out to be coherent. Which hey listen, I agree about. But I mean, WHAT DO YOU EXPECT, we traveled for 7 days giving our all to all 7 cities.

We’re two friends with a big idea and a desire to travel the country to meet and inspire people and raise money for causes. Once on “stage” (aka the parties) a certain Lady Gaga affect did take over. We were ON and super coherent and with it. But this single hour before the parties started, we were a bit of a walking calamity.

I said from the beginning let’s do a video every day, and Doug would say, “No we’re running late, we have to go,” but now that it’s all said and done, I’m so glad we did. Being in the moment for these videos is something I’ll look back on and go…ah…

So excuse the crackedoutness of the 7th day and try to follow along as we piece together ONE MORE NIGHT of epic adventures.

Which I’d like to mention raised over $16,000 in malaria nets. Wowzers, right?

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