GoldieBlox's Debut Ad Is Perfect

GoldieBlox is one of my all-time favorite Kickstarter campaigns. From the idea, to the huge success of the campaign to the knocking on their door of large toy stores to help put this product on the shelves. It’s brilliant. That’s why I absolutely adore this new ad from GoldieBlox just in time for the holidays. It’s takes the song by The Beastie Boys and mashes it with an OK Go! video.

It has giving built in. After all the greatest gift we can give the younger generation is education. In education there is what we are taught in schools and then there is what we are taught on our own. GoldieBlox (as seen in the ad above) is the perfect way for girls to get together and build something awesome.

This certainly didn’t exist when I was a kid. My mom, ever the glass-ceiling shatterer, bought me Barbies and Legos and GI Joes but there wasn’t a toy line that was focused on girls and building/engineering.

Well done GoldieBlox! I’ve recommended this on the holiday list of all of my friends with little girls in their lives.

They are also in the running for a free Super Bowl ad, funded by Intuit. 11 days left to vote, go vote for them!

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