Giving Back On Your Birthday; The Doug Campbell Interview

Doug Campbell and I. First conference buddy session. SXSW 2008.THIS week is one of the most exciting weeks of my life and it’s in large part due to the large heart, creative spirit and true friendship of Doug Campbell. Cause It’s My Birthday is a campaign we created but also so much more and all about everyone involved who helped make this happen.

Doug is the type of guy that when you say, “I have a crazy idea. It might not work. It might drive us both crazy,” well Doug pauses for just a moment and then says, “I’m in.”

I literally could not do this campaign without him. His energy is contagious but more than that, we compliment each other so well. He built the website, I worked on cities and locations, he’s calm one day when I’m flipping out and the next we switch. I’ve learned so much about keeping a positive attitude from Doug and it’s crazy when I think what we’ve put together in three weeks with an idea, some friends in our host cities along the way and sheer determination.

I sat with Doug and asked him five questions about the hows and the why of Cause It’s My Birthday and his answers are below.

Keep following our birthday journey where 100% of donations go towards malaria nets and make a donation to HERE.

The Doug Campbell Interview

1) Why Cause It’s My Birthday?

For me, Cause It’s My Birthday represents the opportunity to not only give something back at a time of the year when you’re typically focused on receiving but also the delightful chance of having fun while doing so. I firmly believe that charitable and positive social work can be achieved whole enjoying yourself and creating a fun experience for those around you.

2) What does turning 30 mean to you?

Doing charitable things can and should happen at any time, for me, the milestone of 30 years old represents the next stage of my personal growth. In my fourth decade, I’d like it to be representative of a time of stability, foresight, and productivity that enables me to be both calm and highly effective in my endeavors.

It’s less about the year for me and more about the opportunity to usher in some positive change.

3) We’ve had two of the parties so far, in that time been in two cities and raised almost $7,500. What are the highlights/lowlights?

The obvious first highlight is the amazing work that all of the hosts have offered in parallel with the generosity of our supporters and donors. We’ve shown that it is indeed possible to fight a cause and to have a fun time doing it and to enjoy yourself at the same time.

Lowlights? The greasy hero just before boarding the plane to Miami. Big mistake. ** 4) What would you say to people who want to be involved but don’t have the time to give up a whole week to travel around the country for a cause?**

It’s unrealistic to expect that everyone has the time, energy and money to devote to such an extreme charitable adventure. However, it’s important to note that opportunity for charity is always around you. You don’t need a birthday and you don’t need an adventure to make the world a better place. You can start right now in small ways that make those around you more happy. ** 5) What’s your birthday wish?**

That’s a great question. My birthday wish is for all people to learn to be more empathetic towards each other. The world’s not a perfect place, but if we’re all a little bit more caring, we can make it a lot better.

Thanks Doug! What an epic journey. Keep checking up on us - and if you have any questions for US - leave them in the questions below and we’ll answer them for you!

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