Every Dollar Counts

SO CLOSE! Well gang. I’m reaching my goal by midnight tonight no matter what. $7,500 is my budget for my Philippines Fellowship with Kiva. I gave myself one month to do it and used 90% social media tactics to do it.

I did send out one mass email, but I know people get bogged down with email and so instead I looked to other mediums to raise the money. Through this blog, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn - and more recently through the generous support of a Lending Team on Kiva, I have raised $6,500 and will less than 8 hours to go, I’m only need to raise $1000 $900 $580.

UPDATE: I’ve reached my goal! Thank you to everyone who donated!

Here’s the thing - EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS. For one reason, because it’s the thought that counts. And your support of my Fellowship lands you a SWEET custom music mix made by me, my newsletter while I’m gone and other updates from me on the road. The other reason is $5 from you, and you, and you, and you - suddenly that multiplies. And that makes all the difference. All of us caring together and giving back is what is going to make the big differences in our planet, in our communities and ultimately with ourselves.

I have allocated $1000 of my own money to this Fellowship to incur any costs not related to Kiva. Please join me today - the LAST day - to reach my goal of $7,500 and send me to the Philippines to work with the Microfinance organization ASHI to work on providing financial services to the poor.

Thank you in advance - you are all my inspiration.

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