Eight Nonprofits Supporting Music And Music Education You Should Know About

May 02, 2012 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

An interesting thing happened today. I was in a meeting and was asked if “VH1′s Save The Music” was still relevant and cool. It got me thinking. I do think Save The Music does incredible work but honestly there are a lot of great music nonprofits out there that might not have the “top of mind” quality that Save The Music does but are doing just as important work (if not more important work) on the ground every day.

I had to provide my top list very quickly and I wanted to share the ones I provided.

Let’s let this list serve to do three things. 1) Be the start of an awesome list of music nonprofits that I can share and reference and build from. 2) Be the start of a list you can find out about and share. 3) Be the starting point for how to spread the word more about the importance of supporting music, musicians and music education.

Let me also state that I’m of course very biased towards New Orleans nonprofits focusing on music. There is no other place in America that respects and supports music better than New Orleans. The city also does a tremendous job of supporting music from both an arts and culture perspective while also being realistic about music as a career for a lot of kids in New Orleans. That being said, this list was pulled for a national perspective and includes a little of something for everyone.

Here are my top picks – interested to hear your feedback and what others should be on this list?

Tipitina’s Foundation - Thejr mission is to support Louisiana and New Orleans’ irreplaceable music community and preserve their unique musical cultures.

Roots of Music - Free, year-round, music education program for children of New Orleans ages 9-14.

New Orleans Musician’s Refief Fund - A grass roots charity founded by displaced New Orleans musicians after Hurricane Katrina, they provide grants, instruments and gigs for New Orleans musicians..

Fender Music Foundation - A nonprofit foundation that awards instruments to music education programs.

Mr. Holland’s Opus - Inspired by the film, Mr. Holland’s Opus, the film’s composer started this foundation to collect and donate new and used instruments to schools. Lots of ways to be involved from money to donating gently used instruments.

VH1 Save The Music - Dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America’s public schools. Music Education = Brain Power

National Endowment for the Arts – The NEA is an independent federal agency dedicated to supporting excellence in the arts.

Ear Candy Charity - A nonprofit Music Organization devoted to creating and supporting music programs for kids.

Tweet them up, fan them, donate, find a little way to give back every day and most of all – share it back with me! I love hearing your stories of giving.