Disclosure for all Congo-related posts

I’m not a professional journalist or a professional humanitarian aid worker. All of my posts are from my own personal observations and with antecdotal findings, not scientific ones.

I have an ethics credo of “do no harm” when I travel, especially in the developing world, that I take seriously. To me that means that everything I share is done with consideration and respect. When sharing interviews with individuals, I have received explicit permission to share their stories both from the individual and in the case where I met these people through an introduction from another NGO, I received permission from the NGO’s local representative as well.

Currently, I’m traveling in the Congo and working with Resolve Network. The Founder/Executive Director has provided assistance and given feedback in places where I felt some of my experiences might be misconstrued or helped fact-check something I wrote. However, being as the internet is very unstable and unreliable to access (another way to say this is difficult at best, impossible at worst), there are some places where I would have liked to include other research or studies but it has been impossible while traveling to do so. When I’m back in the U.S. in any cases where I update posts, I’ll make an update note at the bottom to indicate changes to anything I’ve written.

Above all, this is only my opinions and for anything I have gotten factually wrong or for any misinterpreting information, I apologize in advance. The errors are mine and not Resolve Network’s and I take full responsibility.

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