Chicago Fight Malaria Pictures

Chicago. Wow. What an epic 4th stop on the Cause It’s My Birthday tour. A HUGE thank you to Amisha Wallia, Tim Courtney, Leslie Meredith and Joey Nakayama for being terrific hosts. The Red Canary was a great venue to host the event. It’s a red and sultry lounge with a nice big upstairs for our party but high vaulted ceilings and a large bar downstairs too. If you’re in Chicago and looking for a great spot for cocktails, stop by and tell Shane and Jamie I said hello.

Best of all, the Chicago total from online and the door is $1,445. That’s 289 malaria nets. When I see numbers like that I close my eyes and picture that many children in my head. I mean it’s spectacular.

Chicago was also the stop I realized that a former Kiva Fellow and microfinance people were going to be present at every party and I was over the moon excited. For the rest of the stops, Kiva was well represented and my heart just swelled to meet other people who had an experience similar to mine.

Chicago was also heavily attended by doctors (thanks to Amisha and her resident program at Northwestern) and tech people (thanks to TechCocktail for the plug) and also BoozeHound and MyOpenBar for the shout outs.

Doug and I both look at the pictures and keep saying to each other a few things…

1) Look at all these people who came out to celebrate our birthdays and raise money for malaria nets. 2) Sometimes pictures look more scandalous than things actually were. 3) When can we get back to these cities and visit the amazing people we met there.

Thank you Chicago!

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