Cause Its Summer Its Time For You To Get Inspired And Involved

June 16, 2010 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

So I've been thinking a lot about Summer and what it means. For many summer is warmth and more sunlight, longer days. For some it's summer vacation and freedom, for others it's a chance to start a new activity when it's not cold or the schedules aren't overflowed with back-to-school madness.

I thought about The Causemopolitan, the type of information that I want to be sharing with YOU. Many times people have been asking me about how to get involved in giving back and where to start. How to get inspired to finally take the first step to giving back.

*I had an aha moment. *

I'd like to introduce you to Cause It's Summer. A fun new series on The Causemopolitan where guest bloggers tell THEIR stories and share their reasons of what giving back means to them, where to start, and how to get involved TODAY.

Posts this summer will include how-tos, reflections on personal experiences from starting a nonprofit to changing careers and include many ideas, tips and go-get-ems that you need to get thinking, "Hmm, maybe now is MY time to give back too." So be on the lookout every THURSDAY starting tomorrow June 17th for this special "Cause It's Summer" series.

This summer we'll welcome posts from Robert Fogarty of Evacuteer, Alexa Brandt from Challenge Post, Olivia Khalili from Cause Capitalism, Ryan Fix from Pure Projects and many many more.

If you're interested in contributing, just drop me a line at

My inspiration for this series goes out:


Week 1: Dear New Orleans, I'm Yours by Robert Fogarty of Evacuteer

Week 2: Open Up and Say Ah by Joey Soto of Soto Yoga

Week 3: Shop For A Cause by Tori Mistick of Eco-Fashionista

Week 4: On Volunteering In The Summer (And Beyond) by Susan McPherson of Fenton

Week 5: The Impact Of Traveling Abroad by Drew Myers of "Oh Hey World"

Week 6: Daily Dose of Inspiration: The Changemakers Series by Olivia Khalili of Cause Capitalism

Week 7: A Creative Society Is A Prosperous Society! by Ryan Fix of Pure Projects

Week 8: A Do Good, Feel Good Summer Reading List by Emily Goligoski of The San Franista

_Week 9: _ Khaki-Wearing Westerners Do Not Have The Answers by Milena Arciszewski of Pando Projects

Week 10: Challenge Post: The Allure of a Challenge by Alexa Brandt, Babson MBA Student and ChallengePost summer intern

Week 11: 826LA Heats Up by Laura Hertzfeld of News Vagabond

Week 12: Giving Back: Green Eggs & Chocolate by Andrew Seely of Melts In Your Pocket

Week 13: The Journey Of A Foster Child Is Not An Easy One by Stephanie Schneider of XPrize and Paisley Petunia