Cause It's My Birthday New Orleans Slideshow

New Orleans never disappoints. In fact, if possible, my love affair with New Orleans has grown into a deep and meaningful love. I’ve found myself saying to people along the Cause It’s My Birthday tour that I just can’t wait to get back to New Orleans and that I feel like I have such a wonderful life waiting for me there.

This time, I got to share the New Orleans love with Doug Campbell. There is nothing I love more than showing people I love places I love. A very close second is having my worlds collide and combine. So having one of my dearest friends by my side to meet all of the wonderful people there was just amazing.

Yikes, this is a big gushy, even for me.

Ok, so onto the pictures which you can see above. Two slightly creepy and yet incredibly fitting things about the New Orleans party to share with you. The area code there is 504 right? And I joke about wanting to marry someone with a 504 area code? And I’m always saying 504 this, 504 that…well…

1: When we arrived at the airport, the pilot came on the PA system and said, “Welcome to New Orleans. The local time is 5:04, enjoy your time in the Big Easy.

2: The total for New Orleans was holding at $2,520 (it’s now more than $2,600). But wouldn’t you know, $2,520 is 504 malaria nets.

I mean COME ON.

HUGE thank you to Tom Martin, Robby Moss, McKenzie Coco, Adele Tiblier, Tiffany Starnes and Katie Del Guercio for being amazing hosts for the New Orleans party. Each of them worked so hard to help put this together with their already incredibly busy schedules and Doug and I are endlessly appreciative.

Thank you to The International House for sponsoring our night in New Orleans. What a beautiful hotel. I can’t recommend enough staying there if you’re headed to New Orleans. Centrally located, great staff, gorgeous rooms.

Counting down the days until I’m back for TribeCon. Which, by the way YOU should totally attend. I got the lowdown on all the exciting plans for the conference and it’s going to be spectacular.

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