Why Hello There Socialbrite

I’m excited to announce that I’ve accepted a role as blogger for a new blog platform in the social media for social good space called Socialbrite. You might remember me mentioning JD Lasica and Socialbrite before when I shared with you a video interview he did with me at this year’s SXSW. JD made it a point to come to the Kiva Community Social to say hi when I was in San Francisco for Kiva Fellows training and our conversation led to Socialbrite. As a group blog, it brings together leaders in the field to write, talk, and discuss all-things-cause. I have really been wanting to participate in a group blog setting and the opportunity to join a team of people that I personally look up to including Beth Kanter, Amy Sample Ward, John Haydon and other amazing and inspiring leaders was a really terrific opportunity to share my thoughts on the cause-filled life with a wider audience.

My contributions, given that I’m in the Philippines for the next three months with often times limited access to internet, will be minimal. I’m truly honored to be included and can’t wait to share more news about Socialbrite as the summer progresses.

Check it out for yourself! And follow Socialbrite on Twitter at @socialbrite.

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