What Mobile Application Would Change Your Life?

I’m on tour! It’s not quite the Cause It’s My Birthday madness that Doug Campbell and I created last fall, but it’s an exciting opportunity to meet and connect with EXCEPTIONAL techies (along with friends new and old) in five cities this summer. It’s an opportunity to help promote a company and a product we believe in, and help make the launch as viable as possible by sparking conversation and creating content with influencers and those most apt to purchase and develop this product.

The concept went something like this. Erica O’Grady and I wanted to create a unique opportunity for a company to get in front of their target audience, minus the top-shelf sponsorship cost. After all, what does “sponsoring” an event mean? It’s creating a place to get in front of the people that matter to you, right? So if we could do that for you, circulate a room and find the influencers and voices you wanted to reach, evangelize your product, sing your praises and back your endeavors, provide your with leads to follow up with after events that can lead to the same quantifiable ROI, what kind of sponsorship opportunity would that create?

The Party Crashers was born. And for our first project, we are party crashing Mashable’s 5-city SummerMash where awesome-super-amazing-client Microsoft has sponsored us to promote the Windows Phone 7. At each party in Seattle, San Francisco, Washington DC, New York City and Chicago, we’re asking the question (and capturing your answer) to the question:

“What Mobile Application Would CHANGE YOUR LIFE?” In between the dates, we’re also gathering friends together to catch up on their lives and projects, I’m headed to Washington DC to join my fellow CrisisCamp organizers for the first annual International Crisis Congress and later this summer speaking at Chicago’s SocialDevCamp. Along the way, we hope to make a stop in LA, work on another awesome project we have in the works, define the future of The Party Crashers and find cool spots to cowork in (I’m writing this post from the Nutshell Mail HQ where the team lives and works out of a compound in Atherton just outside San Francisco and have graciously invited us to stay with them).

We’re posting updates on The Party Crashers site, but we’d love you to  Follow Our Adventures on TwitterFan Us on Facebook, and please if you’re in Seattle, San Francisco, DC, NYC, of Chicago come to a Mashable Event and say hi (we’d love to get an interview with you)!

You can also leave a comment below with what your dream mobile application would be, we’d love to hear from you!

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