The Kiva Journals

Made a loan on Kiva before?

If not I mean, come on, join the fun!

If you have, then you have probably (hopefully) received a Journal from Kiva. The Journal is the update on the progress of the Kiva Borrower you made a loan to. This journal goes to everyone who made a loan to that person, it could be 5 people, it could be 25. The journal is the interaction directly to YOU.

Part of my workplan (my full workplan) is to both audit and assess the process for journaling here at my MFI. How long does it take them to do each one? Can the process be made more efficient? Part of my role is also to go out and meet the Borrowers, check and make sure all of the information matches what it says both on the loan proposal and also on the Kiva website and then write journals for those women.

I invite you to visit the 3 journals I wrote today:

Amalia Discutido Amalia

Conchita Zapanta conchita

Gloria Riosgloria

What else would you like to see from Kiva, as a Lender, that would make you lend more or increase your loan? I’m interested to hear your feedback as I’m working on another post with my suggestions for the Kiva roadmap (like this one I did for Twitter). Leave a comment with your suggestions!

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