TGIF Video: Wounded Warrior Project

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day, I wanted this week’s inspirational TGIF Video to be dedicated to the Veteran’s who serve our country, the United States of America, with such pride and honor. Protecting the honor and the people of our country is one of the purest gifts an American citizen can give and so I can quite simply, without pause and with the purest of hearts, THANK YOU.

The video above is from the Wounded Warriors Project, a leading Veteran’s nonprofit. It’s been proven that the aftermath and psychological consequences of being exposed to war-like conditions is traumatic to so many of our Veterans and organizations like WWP help support Veterans, bring them together and lobby on their behalf.

This weekend, as we’re celebrating a 3-day weekend, let’s also take a moment to say thank you to our Veterans. If you’d like to find out more ways to get involved, here are three organizations that I believe are doing right by our Vets.

Veteran’s Nonprofits I Support:

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