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Every day is an opportunity to move the ball forward and make progress. I’ve been taking challenges and items on my Master Task List one at a time and rolling out changes on The Causemopolitan piece by piece. First I updated the schedule section, contact page, then the Kiva section, and now, ta-da, the “About Sloane” section is complete.

Seeing as how it’s all a work in progress, there are many more changes I’ll be making and working on. Even for the parts I’ve changed, I go in and make edits after they’re live for a few days. That’s part of the fun of a blog versus a static site though right? You can go in and make changes all the time.

I decided to break the “about” section in 3 parts: me in 140, shorter bio, and then longer form. I’m including the first two here and a snippet from the third. This might not be a HUGE deal, but I find it really hard to write about myself in a bio format and so this is something I’ve put off and procrastinated over for some time. So in my book, this is a HUGE accomplishment. Let me know what you think!

You can see the whole About Sloane section HERE.

In 140: Kiva Fellow. Humanitarian. Sloane blogs at The Causemopolitan about her life, nonprofits, social entrepreneurship and “cause-filled living.”

Short Bio: Sloane Berrent is a cause-based marketing and social branding consultant, nonprofiteer and budding social entrepreneur. She combines high-level social media strategy, product evangelizing, fundraising and community development services to for-profit and nonprofit companies with a focus on social action campaigns. Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Sloane has lived in Burlington (VT), Boston (MA), Rome (Italy), and the Venice and Santa Monica neighborhoods of Los Angeles. She spent 2009 as a digital nomad, traveling the world experiencing life and volunteering including stints in South America, New Orleans and three months in the Philippines as a Kiva Fellow. She co-created “Cause It’s My Birthday” a campaign to raise money and awareness for malaria prevention in Ghana. She speaks frequently on building community and blogs at The Causemopolitan.

A Little More: The first time I ever left the United States was by myself when I was 12 years old and in the seventh grade. My mom put me on a plane to Paris to visit my aunt who was in graduate school there. I had one year and a half of French under my belt, which helped asking for directions when I was confused and for ordering croissants and hot chocolate. My aunt had class during the day and I would set off exploring by myself, getting terribly lost but seeing amazing things. At the end of that week I had two takeaways; there was a gigantic world out there to see and that as scary as it seemed at times, I could handle it.

That same year, walking home from school as I did every day, I past The Children’s Institute as I had a million times. This time I walked in and asked if I could volunteer. I knew kids lived there mostly recovering from serious injuries or surgeries but didn’t know if there was anything I could do to help. I was 12 and unaccompanied, but determined. How could I walk home from school every day past this place when I knew kids inside were struggling to learn to walk again? They had a program at night where people would get into a pool and help with physical rehabilitation. I was a great swimmer, I asked my mom’s permission. It was a go! It was to be my first weekly volunteer activity.

So when asked when I realized that my life would be dedicated to cause and to help others in the world, I have to say it all started when I was 12 at the intersection of travel and volunteerism.

Read the rest of my longer bio here.

What should I tackle next?!!?

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