San Francisco Cause It's My Birthday Pictures

San Francisco! You were our 6th party in 6 days. So Doug and I knew we could see the forest through the trees, but we weren’t quite in the homestretch. This basically meant that we were a little worse for wear but ready to pull ourselves together.

The San Francisco event could not have happened without Gerard Ramos, Jacob Mullins and Dave McMurtry. We’d like to extend a little thank you to Joe Brilliant and Jess Sykes as well for being part of the team. A huge guffaw happened two days before the event. Doug and I were literally walking out the door to the Chicago party and I got a call from the manager at SLOANE (the original venue for SF) saying they had been closed for over-capacity by the fire marshall over the weekend and still weren’t able to reopen. My cleverness at having the party at a venue with the same name as me was NOT meant to be. I sent an email to the team, suddenly we had Aubrey Sabala and Shannon Farley and a slew of other SF party hosts at the helm helping us name other spots we could try and then Gerard went after work to check out Eve Lounge and secure it for us. A younger me would have been having heart palpitations, but the grownup 30 me was surprisingly calm. “It will all work out,” I said to myself.

Work out it did! The party was packed! Everyone had a blast! We raised lots of money! ** The total for San Francisco for money raised for malaria is $2140, that’s 428 nets.**

The party was full of friends new and old, lots of great tech community folks, Kiva Fellows past and Kiva staff, entrepreneurs, art school friends of Doug’s and Burning Man friends too (that came dressed AS mosquito catchers…yes I’m serious look at the pictures).

Thank you San Francisco! And remember, donations close SATURDAY, so if you haven’t made you donation, there is still time!

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