Fancy Meeting You Here 2010

2009 was intense. I saw a lot of change in my life. A lot of change. I geographically moved locations a lot, and I emotionally and spiritually grew and evolved. Sometimes felt like I was breaking through the stratosphere so fast my skin hurt. Sometimes felt like I was in quicksand and sinking slowly.

To all of those who supported me and believed in me, thank you.

Why am I writing this now? Because I’ve thought about YOU and about ME and about US for all of January. I wanted to take some time to reflect on how January made me feel, and in doing so, wanted to share some of the biggest highlights from 2009 as I look back on them and remark on my accomplishments in 2010 so far. It’s only been one month - but BOY has is been a wild ride. So I wanted to properly take a moment of silence for all the 2009 gave me to be able to openly embrace 2010 with all the gusty, heart and vigor that I’ve put out in the Universe the last 30 days.

Travel: I traveled to Argentina, Colombia and Ecuador (white-water rafting into Chile for a moment I don’t count as a country I’ve visited). I went to the Philippines, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. I drove from Pittsburgh to Austin to New Orleans and back. Using Pittsburgh as a base throughout the year, I visited New York City (2), Boston, Park City, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Nashville, Seattle, San Francisco (2), Los Angeles (3) and a few spots in between.

Adventure: I did the afore-mentioned white-water rafting, went canyoneering, bungee jumped, took polo lessons, ran over 10 miles on more than one occasion and felt for the first time in my life like I was a runner. I snorkeled and kayaked. I visited temples and climbed barefoot to the top to see sunrises and sunsets. I traveled alone for much of the year. I never once felt unsafe, never once was in a position of feeling like my safety was compromised. I traveled to 7 cities in 7 days for 7 parties to celebrate my and Doug Campbell’s birthday.

Creating Content: I started The Causemopolitan! I wrote 174 blog posts and was written about over 20 times including pieces in the Chronicle of Philanthropy and featured on ReadWriteWeb and TriplePundit. I wrote two moleskins worth of writing, I took more than 1,000 pictures. I posted videos. I spoke at 7 different conferences/events. I wrote a business plan.

People: I met, to the best of my estimations, over 1,000 new people. I gained 3,000 Twitter followers (at least). I’d love to know how many emails I sent - any ideas how to find that number?

Volunteering: I volunteered almost 1,000 hours of time to various organizations - from St Bernard Project to Kiva. I raised over $26,500 for charity. That includes my Cause It’s My Birthday campaign raising money for Netting Nations to fund malaria nets in Ghana.

Saying goodbye (for now? for ever?) to Los Angeles was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done and 2009 brought many doubts and many tears over leaving LA. I missed my dear friends, my professional contacts, my familiar faces, my late-night talking into the wild night friends, my yoga and hiking friends, my volunteering friends. I missed my yoga studio, dry cleaner, hair dresser, shortcuts around town, favorite burrito and smoothie places. I missed the beach and the Santa Monica mountains and my road bike and promises of training for a triathlon in 2009 that didn’t happen.

I turned 30. I went to one wedding, one funeral, one wake, one bar mitzvah and one baptism. I sang happy birthday at least 20 times, and congratulated friends on engagements and promotions and provided a shoulder to cry on for breakups and job losses.

I celebrated life at every moment possible.

Most of all, I engaged more with you, and I learned a lot about myself. 2009 brought me much to be thankful for. I ended the year with a place to call my own, my very own sublet apartment in the lower garden district in New Orleans. I made a move with my heart and my soul to continue my journey to impact the world, inspire others and be motivated in every way possible - and I found that in New Orleans.

I looked back at 2009 at the end of 2009. But I don’t think I really saw, really absorbed, really realized all that I had accomplished until this year, this glorious 2010 started and I quickly realized that, WOW, the framework from 2009 made it possible to expand my horizons for this year. I wanted to cherish and celebrate that. Even if it is a month late.

A month into 2010, looking back on January and in turn at 2009, is there something you missed being grateful for that you’d like to share? The question I pose to you - why do we only reflect once a year on the entire year? My number one goal for 2010 is to reflect more often, take the time to stop and appreciate what the past day, week or month has brought me.

And share it with you.

Rocking the causebah into 2010, Sloane

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