SXSW Recap from 2009

Well friends, SXSW is here! It’s hard to believe a year has gone by since the last one. Before I move forward talking about all the goodness and goodies in store for this year, I thought I would first highlight my posts from last year’s SXSW. You know, reflecting back before I move forward. Here we go.

SXSW Core Conversation: How LA Has Built A Sucessful Tech Community

Los Angeles has become a hub for tech startups with new ones popping up every day. Relationships are being formed and VCs are paying attention. Universities are showcasing developer opportunities unique to the city. So how did this happen? Welcome to networking 2.0. From Lunch 2.0 to Interactive Community Coalitions, BarCamp to Twiistup, LA is a great case study of how to build a successful tech community in your city. Join the organizers of the city’s most popular networking events for tips, advice, the how to’s and what-not-to-do’s to make your city’s community pop.

SXSW Fan Girl

Life just doesn’t really get much better than those 9 days in Austin each year when your mind is blown, your heart is full and your feet ache from exploration.

The Cause-Filled Life: A Socialbrite Interview

Five Tips on How to Rawk SXSW Music

3) PROXIMITY. Proximity from one venue to the next is HUGE. Next year I’d like to think I’ll scoot out to Scoot Inn, Continental Club, Playboy Party, Fader Fort…but the truth is, I can’t guarantee that. I’m not going to sacrifice hours to get to a party too far away from the main strip. Even La Zona Rosa becomes a trek by the last day. The pedi-cabs are awesome and if my friends had bikes we could roll that way too. Be aware of where each place is you want to go. Some days I created an almost circle going from one place to the next.

Music Monday: The SXSW Edition

And then shortly thereafter…

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