National Anthem of Haiti Live From Port-au-Prince

When I was in Haiti last week for the #heartofhaiti blogger trip, we were touring around on the Saturday morning and pulled up in our van to the Palace (their version of the White House). As many people have seen in the news, it completely collapsed. So did their National Cathedral and Congress building. Ruins, rubble, dust, trash and in general disarray are everywhere you look. Directly across from the Palace is one of the biggest tent cities in Port-au-Prince. It’s a lot to process.

We step out of the van to take photos of the palace and suddenly a marching bands starts. The national marching band for Haiti was in procession to the flagpole and played their national anthem as they raised the national flag.

It was one of those moments of perfect timing that you couldn’t have planned if you wanted to.

While I was filming I looked over my right shoulder behind me and noticed an odd quiet. Everything had stopped in its place. Men were half stride, cars had come to a complete halt, women washing dishes or clothes had stopped, even kids running around were paused.

Everyone and everything paused to pay tribute to their country. It was one of the largest acts of patriotism I’ve ever seen.

So the video above is the view straightforward but imagine for a moment what it was like with a 360-degree view.

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