My Cities 2013

4th annual list of travel
Tuscany, Italy, 2013
Tuscany, Italy, 2013
February 02, 2014 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

I have been tracking travel, the places I've traveled to, and nights away from home since 2009. 2013 was no exception!

Here are previous years: 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009.

2013 travel can be summed up with two words: discovery and family. I either was headed to somewhere completely new or I was headed to somewhere with family (or friends who are like family).

Every year that goes by get a little harder in the sense that I want to go back and visit the places I've been, or see people I care about, but I also want to go places that are completely new. I used to travel a lot more for business, and maybe I'll start doing that again one of these years, but I actually have found that I prefer to not have to travel a lot for work and to be able to focus on getting my work done and then traveling for fun. To each their own, a few years ago I had a completely different answer to that question.

If there is one thing I want to do a better job at this year it's tracking my travel throughout the year with posts. Taylor did a good job at this and already has started posting about our 2014 travel. I want to do posts like that too so I can point people to my experiences vs having to pull links every time people want travel tips for a place I've been.

In terms of the numbers, here is the breakdown. I spent 106 nights away from New York City. That means I was sleeping somewhere else 29% of the year. This is an increase over the past two years (25% last year and 20% in 2011). I did spend 13 days in Pittsburgh in October so I know that accounts for the increase overall.

We went great places near and far. I love the feeling of being somewhere new and figuring things out. Travel is one of the great loves of my life.

January (12) - Paris, France; Carlsbad, CA, Overnight flight to Germany; Munich, Germany; Berlin, Germany

Highlights: End of our ParisMoon, DLD

February (1) - Newport, RI

Highlights: Stealing a night with my sister Addy thanks to HotelTonight

March (8) - Austin, TX; Nashville, TN

Highlights: SXSW, Family weekend with my mom and sisters in Nashville

April (5) - Powder Mountain, UT; New Orleans, LA

Highlights: Summit Series weekend, New Orleans & French Quarter Fest is always a highlight

May (7) - Catskills, NY; Shelter Island, NY; Providence, RI; Luray, VA

Highlights: First summer escape thanks to AirBnB, girls retreat weekend, Addy's college graduation, visiting Taylor's family home in Luray

June (8) - Bearville, NY; Sag Harbor, NY; Hoosick Falls, NY, Chicago, IL, Chicago airport (flight delay)

Highlights: Weekend getaways

July (4) - Burlington, VT

Highlights: 2nd annual 4th of July weekend in Vermont

August (9) - Overnight flight to Italy; Rome, Italy; Tuscany, Italy; Florence, Italy

Highlights: ItalyMoon - possibly our real honeymoon

September (14) - Santa Margherita Ligure, Italy; Venice, Italy; St. Augustine, FL; Boston, MA; Silverlake, CA

Highlights: ItalyMoon continued, seeing Taylor's parents in Florida, visiting Kate in Boston and heading to LA

October (18) - Santa Monica, CA; Topanga Canyon, CA; Damascus, MD; Pittsburgh, PA

Highlights: Spending time in LA, seeing Casey, Pittsburgh with family & Startup Weekend Pittsburgh

November (8) - Pittsburgh, PA; Naples, FL; Pittsburgh, PA; Hidden Valley, PA

Highlights: Family time, introducing Piper to Pittsburgh and Hidden Valley, Frank & Jen's wedding

December (12) - Pittsburgh, PA; Hidden Valley, PA; Pittsburgh, PA; Hidden Valley, PA

Highlights: Family time