Master Task List #1

Buzz BuzzWow. I was on the verge of a massive flipout these last few days. So much to do. So little time. Where does the time go? My childhood babysitter had a mantra she always said, in her low smoker’s voice, “Time waits for no one.” Isn’t that the truth. Moments like these, I know one way to really get over my fear of the tasks ahead, I make a Master Task List. Yes this is very, Getting Things Done of me. I’m old-fashioned and I like to actually write it out, I like the feeling and satisfaction of crossing each item off the list. Looking it over, I realized I want to share it with you. Especially since I’m currently fundraising for my upcoming Kiva Fellowship in the Philippines this summer. Those in regular contact with me now I’ve been busting my tail to get ready for this, but all of you can’t know that! I’m headed to San Francisco on Sunday morning (more on this to come) so all of these things have to be done before that! Here we go, no particular order:

This isn’t everything. But it’s my list for today, tomorrow, the next day and that’s it! And I have to get all of this done. When I’m back from San Fransisco, I’ll have to make a new list that includes like calling all credit card companies about being abroad, reduce cell phone and car insurance since I won’t be around for 3 months and also making the packing list for my trip.

So I better get back to it! Wish me luck!

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