Mashable Social Good Summit The Day In Quotes

September 21, 2010 · By Sloane Davidson, Founder and CEO, Hello Neighbor

What a day! The Social Good Summit kicked off UN Week. Along with the 92Y and the UN Foundation, Mashable's Summit today was on of the only major public UN Week events. That means people like YOU and me, could see and participate in conversations around UN Week and in particular the 10 year anniversary (remember my post on TEDxChange) of the Millenium Development Goals.

The day featured over 20 speakers, opportunities to engage with some of the best and the brightest in the social good space and plus for me, a welcome chance to see so many of my favorite friends in the cause space and see what is new in their prospective ventures.

The day was live streamed and recaps of the day are on the UN Media Week blog (for which I am a contributor), but for those who couldn't or didn't want the live stream, I also live tweeted a good part of the day and I'd also recommend checking out TweetChat (my current favorite for tracking hashtag conversations) and check out #SocialGood and #UNWeekDML.

The day provided many insights, and what better way to take a glance at the day than to look at the most popular quotes as tweeted using the hashtag #SocialGood? In no particular order, today's quotes:

"Social media is critical to our work. We partner with digital outreach to humanize AIDS & tell stories." - Susan Smith Ellis, (RED) CEO on Results and Possibilities

"Educating girls worldwide is the best way to advance the role of women." - Geena Davis on how to prioritize the Millennium Development Goals for women

"Music, politics, culture, and social media are all intertwined. They reach 600 million people daily." - MTV CEO, Judy McGrath on activating millennials for social good

"The purpose of innovation is to make us better at being human" - Howard W. Buffett, Director of Agriculture Development, U.S. Department of Defense

"Mentor young people to use social media for social good." - Carrie James, Research Director, Project Zero, Harvard University on digital youth and the social good

"Future is about creating value. If we have tools to empower each other, more possibility is reality." - Jessica Jackley, Founder/CEO of Profounder and former Founder/CMO of Kiva on empowering entrepreneurs

"If you don't give back, no one will like you." - Edward Norton, Actor and Founder of Crowdrise

"War is obsolete. You end up bombing your customers." - Ted Turner, Chairman of Turner Enterprises, Inc

More to come as the week progresses, stay tuned!