Los Angeles, I'm Yours (to visit next week)

Lalalalala…that’s right. Get ready Los Angeles, I’m coming for a visit! I’m thrilled to have been asked to speak to students at CalTech about how they can use their technology skills to help nonprofits on the night of Tuesday, March 9th (open to the public! full details on my speaking calendar to be updated soon) and I’m buffering a few days because, well, I just plain MISS YOU TO DEATH!

After five glorious years living there, I want to go to all my old haunts, hike my favorite trails, shop my favorite vintage stores and drink PBR in my favorite indie rock haunts and most of all do it all with FRIENDS!

Let me add girls brunch and geek bbq to the list. So let’s start the bidding at…KIDDING…I’m going to pack it all in tight but really really really excited. It’s been too long and I want some of that sunshine California sun on my face.

**Dates: March 4th - 11th (then to Austin for SXSW!) ** Updated to WHAT I’ll be doing exactly to come, but please drop me a comment, note, a text, anything to put something on the books to catch up. You know who you are!!!

Can’t wait to see you, wrap my arms around you and SQUEEZE!

Love, Sloane

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