Lauren Luke Makes a Statement on Domestic Violence

Lauren Luke, known on YouTube as Panecea81 has 450,000 subscribers, 1.2 million video views and 437 videos. She is a self-taught makeup artist and has a great (very British) personality and creates short videos on different makeup looks. Lots of color, lots of experimentation. She recently made a big splash online of a different kind. She made the video above to make a statement in the fight against domestic violence.

The campaign is through Refuge, a UK-based nonprofit, and the video has gone viral with the hashtag #dontcoveritup.

The video is packaged just like any other of Luke’s tutorials and encourages teen girls and women not to hide evidence of domestic abuse. What a powerful statement. I really appreciate when creative campaigns like this are released, they make a very powerful statement and can have a big impact in an unexpected place.

Lauren - Kudos. I really applaud you for making this video and have shared it with all of my friends, family and online network. Let’s keep this conversation more visible and in the forefront, #dontcoveritup.

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