Introduction To Yours Truly: Meet Sloane Berrent

sloaneberrent is written by me, Sloane Berrent. Whether you’re passionate about giving back or just trying to figure out how, you’ve found your place for information about cause marketing campaigns, what you can buy that will actually make a difference, events in your area and how you can find your place in the “cause” world.

I’ll also be writing about issues as they pertain to my life. What matters to me. Where I’m headed, where I’ve been.

And who am I? Once I was just a little girl with big glasses who started a recycling program in my middle school in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then I was a slightly less geeky high school kid who started an all-school volunteer program. Then I was a college student, still putting together volunteer groups. I started volunteering when I was 12 and haven’t stopped since. Among some of my experiences include; being a swim instructor helping kids rehabilitate from serious accidents; I was the youth chair for the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force and helped organize the first-ever Pittsburgh AIDS Walk. I’ve walked abandoned dogs in shelters; I’ve given talks on water quality and led beach cleanups; I’ve exercised with under-privileged teenage girls and planted gardens in inner-city schools.

I’ve always felt I could help make a difference in the world by motivating others to give back.

But here’s the catch. Or non-catch. It’s not about what I’ve done, it’s always been about YOU. I just have always wanted to show how easy it is to wake up and say “Today is the day I’m going to put my mark on the world.” And really, give a little, give a lot - just start somewhere, start anywhere and there you go. You’ve taken the first step.

I’ve had jobs. In various industries, in different cities. Some of them good and some not-so-good - but I always learned. And I always thrived in environments where I could learn from people. I pick up mentors, friends and connections everywhere I go. I make those connections and I keep them. I make lots of introductions between people and send links to people from articles or websites that I think would be of interest to them.

In a different time, I would be that person who gave you a newspaper clipping when you came over to visit.

I love America. I love travel and have proudly been to 33 countries, but I’ve also been to 45 states. My eyes are always open to the experience.

One day I want a farm, and a garden with award-winning tomatoes and the ability to make a killer pie crust. I’ll still probably always dislike taking out the trash and be unable not to make a lot of noise when I’m in the kitchen.

I acquired less than 10 plastic bags in all of 2008. I finally mastered the art of taking canvas bags with me everywhere and I’ll never turn back.

I love farmer’s markets, as much for the fresh produce as for the community. I think it’s all about community.

I went to college in Vermont and own TOMS shoes with donkeys on them. And yet, I’m beginning to think I’m not as liberal as I once was. I walk the line. I like a good debate and stand by my own beliefs so if that doesn’t match a particular party structure, then so be it.

I’m in it to win it.

The next chapter is unfolding in front of me every day. More on that to come. In the meantime, enjoy TheCausemopolitan.

Virtually yours,


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