Introducing a New Twitter Chat: #givechat

Join the giving conversation

Why #givechat?

There are so many great chats and opportunities online to connect with people in a variety of industries and spaces. There are chats just for nonprofit technology and corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship along with fabulous chats for media, storytelling, journalist, blogging and many more. What I really felt was missing was a place to highlight those who are really focused on giving in a broader way. This could be through a nonprofit, an innovative crowdfunding campaign or a social innovator. The idea is that so many people are working on ways to incorporate giving into their life and this is a great way to learn from those who are also actively work on this.

I actually hosted a #givechat in 2009 and 2010 and it was amazing! I’ve hosted, co-hosted or been a guest on multiple chats through the years. I’ve placed clients on chats. I’ve promoted chats and participated in countless ones. It’s time to pick up where I left off!

When is #givechat?

Set your calendars! #givechat will be weekly on Thursdays from 5-6pm EST.

Who will be the guests? What is the topic?

Every week there will be a featured guest and a topic. It’s going to be really great to have a robust and rotating conversation around the various aspects of giving. If you are interested in being a guest or have suggestions for guests, please email me at!

I have some amazing guests in the works and am excited to make more big announcements so watch this space for more big news.

To kick things off, I’m beyond thrilled to announce the first guest for this week’s kickoff. Melissa Rowley is the Founder of Magic Makers, a series on teens & STEAM (that’s STEM plus Arts). She currently is in the middle of a robust crowdfunding campaign and is featured on Memeni, a new crowdfunding platform. Melissa is going to join me in talking about “Why STEAM matters more than ever and how to support STEAM in your local area.”

I’ve known, respected and loved Melissa for years. This project is truly her passion and she has put her heart and soul into bringing this to life. She’ll share her extensive background, the ups and downs of launching this project and talk about why giving matters to her and her personal journey to creating Magic Makers.

You can also learn more about Melissa and her project on Memeni.

So set your calendars for February 6th from 5-6pm EST! #givechat

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