I Need Your Vote! MySpace Journal Finalist For Davos!

Mobilize online community - GO! Friends, countrymen, lend me your votes! I have been named a finalist in a contest by MySpace and the Wall Street Journal to be a citizen journalist on their behalf at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland from January 27-31.

The what? The where? We’re getting there. But first, YOUR VOTE!

Click HERE to go to theMySpace.com/MySpaceJournal. You have to be logged into your MySpace account to vote. Once you’re logged in, click VOTE under my name and then SUBMIT. Then you’re done. Got it? Simple, huh? Awesome, thank you!

**Appeal out of the way, let’s talk. What is this contest, why does it mean the world to me and what is the World Economic Forum? ** 1) The second year running, MySpace and the Wall Street Journal partner to send ONE citizen journalist to the World Economic Forum. Trip of a lifetime, you attend Davos and share your experience with the MySpace and WSJ communities through pictures, videos and blogging. (Sounds familiar long-time readers of The Causemopolitan doesn’t it - see now why this is so perfect for me)?

2) A political science and economic major/minor, I’ve long been a “geek” about economics. Factor in my CAUSEMOPOLITAN spirit, work in developing countries in 2009 including my Kiva Fellowship in the Philippines and now my commitment to economic development and social entrepreneurship in New Orleans and you can guess that Davos is the ultimate place I’ve always wanted to attend. And to be honest, I’ve always seen myself attending, I really believe from the bottom of my heart this is my year and I’ve never been better poised to take on this opportunity. Familiar with the global landscape, the names of major players on the international economic scene and the ability to interview, capture content and share that online - well, this is WHAT I DO. It’s me through and through, and I hope your votes, my video and my passion come through to the judges.

3) The World Economic Forum:

Purpose Improving the state of the world requires catalysing global cooperation to address pressing challenges and future risks. Global cooperation in turn needs stakeholders from business, government, the media, science, religion, the arts and civil society to collaborate as a true community. To this end, the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting has engaged leaders from all walks of life to shape the global agenda at the start of the year for the last four decades.

If I get to attend, I hope you’ll learn more about this Forum, how the global economy affects all of us and how we can all take small steps every day to educate ourselves about global issues presented there. Think of it as a economic bootcamp, a chance to ask the questions you’ve always wanted to ask about global economies and much more content.

Want to help more than just your ONE vote?

Here’s How: * Here’s a sample tweet: Check it out! @sloane is a finalist for the MySpace Journal competition to attend Davos, please vote for her! http://bit.ly/votesloane * Post http://bit.ly/votesloane to your MySpace, Facebook and/or LinkedIn. * Email your friends.

**Thank you to EVERYONE already for your support. **

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