How to Outsmart the Paparazzi

Andrew Green Supports These Nonprofits

Celebrities and media are starting to get more clever about how their influence can be a recipe for good.

Paparazzi are relentless and follow around whoever is “hot” or will sell magazines. Right? I personally believe the only way to stop paparazzi is not to buy shitty celebrity magazines but that’s just my one-woman crusade. I maybe glance at one now and again in a checkout line (maybe as in a few times a year) but I went cold-turkey on buying those trashy mags 2 years ago and haven’t looked back since. I gave them up in part because I’m so damn busy reading books. Seriously, who has time for magazines when I have a 52 book goal for the year?

I’m not trying to be a purist or goodie two-shoes but can’t we just appreciate actors for their craft? I can’t possibly be alone in this.

But until that day when paparazzi are no longer needed, check out what some celebs - like Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield - are doing. They are writing notes to put over their faces directing people to organizations. They have done this multiples times since 2012.


It’s not brain science, but you don’t see a lot of other celebs doing it. So while I hardly ever talk about celebrity on my blog, I saw kudos to you Ms. Stone and Mr. Garfield.

Here are the organizations they mention (great product placement):

Here’s to stuff that matters!

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