Final Donor List - All Rockstars!

A huge gigantic thank you to each and every person on this list. I am so incredibly moved by the power of social media for social good. Below you will find a list of 124 people, some of whom are my oldest and dearest friends, some are more current friends, some are people I’ve worked with or worked for, some are people I’ve met at conferences or on vacation, some I know online only, some are total strangers. Donations ranged from $5 to $1500, with the average amounts being $25, $50 and $100. I am going to write a separate blog post about all of this fundraising. But what I’d really like to say to everyone below is from the bottom of my overflowing heart - THANK YOU.

I head to the Philippines as a Kiva Fellow on your behalf and I’m going to work harder than I ever have before to capture much of it, in words, pictures and video to share with you. Every little bit truly counts and what I’d like to say is that to press the donation button alone - JUST THAT ONE STEP - is more than most people do. And THEN you had to sign into PayPal, or enter your credit card information, or send me a check - in an envelope with a stamp. These are all HUGE steps. But something about my campaign struck you, and something made you want to give back - and for that moment - I can’t tell you how important it is to harness that feeling of giving back. And let yourself feel that way again. And again. Because giving back, participating in social causes, has provided some of the best memories and most gratifying moments of my life and I thank you for sharing a piece of that joy with me in offering your donation.

I’ve tried - where applicable - to include a link to the company, business or if I didn’t know those the Twitter or Facebook for the people below. Why? Because these people have what it takes. I recommend their business, their services, their products. Click around, see who is the “who’s who” in my life and connect with them. Tell them you found them through The Causemopolitan!

(If you’re on this list and would like another link attributed to you, just let me know!)

This is will also live in the top navigation bar, so you can always reference it there as well.

Without further ado:

Names Addie King Adnan Mahmud Alex Rose Alexa Brandt Amie Gillingham Amisha Wallia An Tran Andrew Ault Andrew Larimer Andrew Lin Anonymous Barbara Mistick Brandon Haskins Brian Weis Bryan Appel Callie Miller Carmen De Jesus Casey Stone Cherie Taylor Chris Schultz Christopher Dennis Christopher Lyons Crystal Williams D’Auria Groux-Holt Damon D’Amore Dave Lakhani Dave Levine Denise Wakeman Denton Biety Diana Winingder DJ Whelan Donald Cook Doug Campbell Eleanor Blatell Elizabeth Caston Elliott Adams Eric Abes Flynne Wecht

Geoff Emery Georgiana and William Knaus Gerard Ramos Gerri “Champ” Short Heather Knauss Heather and Richard Rattner Jacob Brewer Jamie Donnelly Jason Toney Jay Bushman Jeff Henderson Jeffrey Sandin Jerry Lenaz Jessica Gabler Joann Peach Joel Ordesky Joey Soto John Case John Trovato Johnson & Johnson Jonathan Dingman Joseph Christian Gammill Joseph D. Lasica Joseph Sabino Mistick Josh Tate Kate Dwyer Katie Cook Kevin Vandever Kit Cooper Kiva Lending Team LOTUS: Lend Out To Uplift Self-sufficiency KW Low Lauren Purple Linda Bushkoff Lindsey Ames Lisa Newton Marc Vermut Maria Ogneva Mariah Brandt Mary Anne and Bill Mistick Matt Macnaughton McKenzie Coco Michael Harris Micki Krimmel Mike Macadaan Mona Grayson Monica Anchin Nathan Winters Neelu Jain Nicky Perlman Nicole Jordan Ori Neidich Paige Craig Paula Gould Peter Radizeski Rachna Jain Rafiq Manji Rahlyn Gossen Ravikanth Ganesan Ray Nichols Rob Moss Robyn Cohen Ronan Reodica Scott Meldrum Sean Percival Shannon Scanlan Steph Dub Stephanie Schneider Steven Banfield Taylor Davidson Tom Hoppa Thomas Lotze TIffany Starnes Tim Courtney Tim Mahoney Tim Soslow Tony Adam Trevor Rotzien Vincent X. William Giltner William Isler

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