Explore Your Hometown

As I set off to explore New Orleans this weekend, I first was looking through old photos from my first few weekends here and thinking about how much has changed. Not only have I moved from the Lower Garden District to the French Quarter, but I’m a bit more worn around the edges. The core is the same. The same adventurous spirit. The same desire to get out and see all there is to see.

The difference?

In my definition of “all there is to see.” After all, last year this time, as I had just arrived in New Orleans, I wanted to do and see it all! Every festival, every fair, every opportunity to get out there and absorb New Orleans and her environments for all they were worth. This year, I’m a little bit more guarded. I want to spend time with me, I don’t want to give away all my energy. I want to explore on my own, or with a few friends, instead of going where the masses are.

As I kick off this weekend, I’m reminded that is ok. It’s ok to hold back and do the things I need to do for me. I’ll be out and about in the same way I’ve always been, just taking it in now as a local instead of the eager-beaver tourist of the days of yore. It feels good to grow and change within my environment. We all deserve to mold and change into where we are. Wouldn’t you agree?

You can see more of my photos on Flickr and adding me as a contact HERE.

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