The light of life. That is what this video is called. The flow of life, the ebbs and changes. Well, I have some changes to share around here too. The Causemopolitan has gone through it’s third redesign. Since I started blogging in 2055 for LAist and then in 2009 here on The Causemopolitan, a lot has changed in web design and how blogs are laid out. Gone is the background and double header bar with 8 categories. We are keeping it simple ‘round here.

There is another, unfortunate underbelly to this story. My blog went down last month. A lot of people emailed me. “Did I know my site was down.” Well yes, yes I did. I was recovering from my bike accident (another post I have to write and share) and I was trying to figure out why it went down.

My host was having server issues. I had been hosting through a friend since I started this blog and I had to go through the painful process of getting all of my files and archive and then essentially Taylor (number 1,000,001 why I love him) rebuilt my site one evening while I was out and I came home and he said “Your new site it up and it looks like what you have been talking about wanting to do. Make a list of changes you want and we’ll go from there.”

Amazing right?

Well, there are more changes coming to the site. We stripped away almost all functionality around search, the archives, about me, speaking/press, projects…and I need to think about how to build some of that back in. I don’t want it all to be gone forever, but I do like the clean & fresh feeling of the site now so that anything added in now will keep with that theme.

I learned a valuable lesson. It’s not new, it was just a reminder. This blog, this place on the internet, is really important to me. Valuable. Priceless. I don’t want this site to go away. I don’t want to take it for granted. I might not write as much as I used to, but I don’t love it any less. It’s incredibly important to me to MAKE THE TIME to write and share my stories, perspective, values around life, cause, giving…it’s a fundamental part of who I am and the thread that keeps me sane and feeling valued in this crazy world we live in.

So that’s my lesson of the day to share with you.

Find something of personal emotional value in your life and stop for a moment to appreciate it. Really deeply appreciate it. 

Thanks for coming along on the ride with me.

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