Cause It's My Birthday Video Update

Doug and I shot one last video about Cause It’s My Birthday before I left Los Angeles - this was meant as a HUGE thank you to everyone involved. The video is a bit long - but our focus was to roll through each city and take a moment to reflect and say thank you and be appreciative of the time and effort everyone put into making the event a huge success. After all in a 7-day campaign, we ended with over $18,000 raised. Which is astounding to us.

A few big things to note - each of our donations came from individuals, we didn’t have large corporate sponsors. So that means the donations came from YOU and YOU and YOU. Each city had it’s own look and feel and that was incredibly moving and inspiring.

Any occasion can be an opportunity to raise money or drive awareness. We used birthday and we made it BIG, but you can do something small in your school, in your community, with your family, friends or coworkers. It can be online or off. We had SO much fun with this campaign and I just can’t say thank you enough to everyone involved.

More to come, insights, feedback, tips and tricks. So stay tuned for that.

One last thing - after talking to some friends and advisors - we’re keeping the donations open though the end of the month because people are still just hearing about the campaign now. So if you haven’t made a donation, you still can. You can also click on the Paypal donation widget to the right of this page.

Until next time, Sloane

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