Cause It's My Birthday Update

Here’s the deal. You wanted to come to a party but you didn’t make it. You live in a city where we weren’t having a party but weren’t sure you could contribute anyway. You wanted to donate online but forgot. You came to one of the parties, had an amazing time and want to give more. You’re thinking to yourself, “Maybe if I donate and help Sloane and Doug reach their goal she’ll FINALLY move on to blogging about something else, good god.”

Whatever your motivation (better parking karma, cache with the ladies, because you just damn want to help and feel involved in something bigger than you), whatever it is. Please take a moment and make a donation on the paypal widget above. Your donation, every single dollar, takes us closer to our goal.

We have set our goal to $20,000**** and are keeping the campaign open until Saturday at midnight PST. That means we have 4.5 days (from now) to raise the additional $2,315 that we need.

That’s 463 additional malaria nets. $5 a piece remember? Wow, right.

$20,000 nets equals 4,000 nets total. Wow again. So close.

Changes and updates to the totals in the last few days.

An update on Cause It’s My BIrthday! Yes, we’re alive! Yes, we’re still posting pictures and videos and thanks. Yes, we’re loving all of you more than ever. Yes, we’ve now raised OVER $17,000 in donations. $17,685 to be exact.

So what’s the deal?

Los Angeles is still in first place with $4969. New Orleans is a strong second place with $3930. San Francisco in third at $2140. New York City is fourth at $1925. Chicago is fifth at $1445. Seattle is sixth at $1406. Miami is in seventh with $410.

Let me say that ALL the cities are winners. I know, that’s kinda cheesy. But I mean we did do this campaign without knowing a ton of people in some of these cities and the fact that we HAD a party and that people showed up is pretty spectacular all things considered.

Thank you to everyone. Your donation saves lives.

Cause I believe that tomorrow should be better than today, Sloane

**Yes the original target was much higher. Well first it was lower and than it was higher. As an experiment we were just trying this out. $20,000 is now our goal and we’re confident we can make it. With your help.

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